GISDECO is an international network of GIS experts, planners and project managers engaged in GIS applications in developing countries that provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge about emerging research and practical experiences with GIS-applications by organising seminars and workshops in various countries.  

GISDECO events provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and progress in problem solving for GIS researchers and practitioners working on the problems of GIS technology transfer and spatial analysis applications in developing countries. Participants generally come from developing countries or they are engaged in projects or other activities in developing countries. The general objective of these two broad groups is common, namely to assist the development process and improve the quality of life of those populations who suffer from lagging economic and social development, while safe-guarding the fragility of the bio-physical realm in less developed countries.  

The GISDECO Conferences have been held about every two years since its inception in 1991. The coming is time wise a little out of step but will be held at Istanbul, Turkey in conjunction with the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) and will bring together remote sensing as well as GIS communities. Please download the first announcement (GISDECO 2008).


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